If you are looking for a massage therapist in Tulsa, you've just found the best.

Zachary H. Avery, LMT, provides professional incall and outcall massage therapy, stress reduction, and relaxation to the Tulsa Metro Area. You can come to his downtown studio for your massage sessions or he can bring all of his equipment to your home/office/hotel and perform the sessions there.

Whether you have a specific injury or are just interested in general relaxation, Zaque is waiting to tailor your appointments to meet your particular needs.

Though massage is sometimes considered a "treat" mainly for relaxation purposes, Zaque's practice is 75-80% therapeutic work oriented toward enhancing your health, performance, and quality of life. By integrating the best of Eastern and Western modalities, Zaque provides a clinical approach to stress relief, sports injuries, and localized pain.

Whether you are a newcomer to massage or a frequent client, your sessions with Zaque will exceed your expectations.

What makes Zaque different? What can you expect from him?

  • Zaque gives 110% of himself to each appointment. When he's working on you, you have his full attention.
  • Zaque will build custom massage and bodywork sessions designed to give your body what it needs in order to promote health and wellness.
  • Not only does Zaque listen to your needs, he puts action to your requests and desires, making each appointment just what you were expecting.
  • You will leave each session with notable results. Many clients not only feel better physically but emotionally and mentally (even spiritually) as well.
  • Zaque makes it his daily goal to provide you with services that are worth at least twice what he charges you.
  • What makes Zaque different? He's not in this for the money. Zaque offers lower prices than many of his peers so that you can get what you need when you need it--not when you can afford it.
  • Zaque doesn't "nickel and dime" his clients, unlike many spas and salons. Zaque charges for his time, not his services; as a result, a 90 minute massage session could also include acupuncture, cupping, heat therapy, myofascial release, and any other combination of services that Zaque offers. Upon checkout, Zaque still only charges $70.
  • Zaque is cross-trained in many Eastern and Western modalities. To receive the care that Zaque provides in each session, a client would typically have to see half a dozen different practitioners. Zaque brings it all together under one roof.
  • Zaque takes continuing education very seriously. He's always taking one and two day classes (along with the occasional 1-2 week trip) to learn to better serve you with new services and modalities.
  • If you're interested, Zaque will work with you to create packages and routines; he can get you on a bi-monthly or monthly schedule that's convenient for you and allows your body to operate at its fullest potential.
  • Each session will get better and better as Zaque continues to learn your body and the ways he can best assist you.
  • Not only does Zaque have trained skill, but he has developed passion. You'll be able to feel these forces in his touch.
  • Zaque empowers his clients by teaching them home remedies, stretches, cleanses, and other self-care strategies that they can incorporate into their daily lives to prevent pain and illness while simultaneously promoting health and wellbeing.
  • Zaque offers services (such as reflexology, reiki, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, gua sha, etc.) for which people often have difficulty locating an experienced practitioner. If you've been searching for someone, you needn't look any further.

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